Zanjoe Marudo New Box Office King with Bromance

May 25, 2013
A scene in Bromance

A scene in Bromance

Zanjoe Marudo as Brandy

Zanjoe Marudo as Brandy in Bromance

Is Zanjoe Marudo the new box office king? Zanjoe‘s first solo starrer, Bromance: My Brother’s Romance made a whopping 50 Million pesos in its first week alone, despite it being pitted with big Hollywood blockbusters Ironman and Startrek. It is also called a Maindie Film, which means it is made as an indie film released by a mainstream company. Reportedly it was shot for only 12 days with a low budget for the making of the movie and for the movie’s promotion.

Zanjoe Marudo as Brando

Zanjoe Marudo as Brando in Bromance