Zanjoe Marudo Damay sa Deniece Cornejo Issue

January 31, 2014

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Zanjoe Marudo hot

Zanjoe Marudo approached first Deniece Cornejo in a Vans shoe store event in 2011 where Vhong Navarro and Deniece first met. Deniece was shopping for Vans shoes for her brothers. Zanjoe Marudo accompanied Vhong Navarro to the event. Deniece Cornejo saw Vhong Navarro staring at her while uttering “ang ganda talaga (she is so beautiful).” Zanjoe Marudo then made the first move by asking her: ‘Para sa boyfriend mo? (Is that for your boyfriend)?” Deniece was then mum about what happened next, concentrating more on what happened to her and Vhong Navarro.
Zanjoe Marudo

Zanjoe Marudo before

Deniece then narrated how Vhong pursued her relentlessly: “After that incident, I noticed that Kuya Vhong kept trying to follow wherever I went at the event.” Days later, Vhong Navarro called her, according to Deniece in her sworn affidavit filed in court. “During the same event, personnel from (the shoe brand) asked for my mobile number, and I, being an aspiring model, obliged. To my surprise, days later, someone called me saying, ‘Hi Denise, this is Vhong.” she said. They kept in touch again in 2013, and the infamous incidents happened.
Vhong Navarro Vans

Vhong Navarro in Vans Glorietta in 2011