Yael Yuzon: “I do not discriminate against gay people”

February 22, 2014

Yael Yuzon and Karylle

Yael Yuzon and fiancee Karylle

Update: Yael Yuzon denies saying the homophobic statement he allegedly said to Vice Ganda. In a statement, he said: “I do not discriminate against gay people. I never did and I would never say anything na ganun. I am thankful that Direk Bobet tried to fix the situation. I already called Vice, and cleared what was needed to be clarified.”
Yael Yuzon cannot pretend he is insulated from the recent controversy involving his alleged homophobic comment against Vice Ganda. After all, they, the involved personalities are all renowned celebrities. In his IG account, Yael Yuzon posted cryptic undertoned messages. I am not reading too much about his posted messages but we are all not born yesterday darlings. I at least admire his dead-pan humor. He first posted a photo of The Walking Dead zombies, with a caption: “Social commentary. Cant wait. Episode 11. Heard it starts a bit early.”

Then he posted a photo of sheeps, with a caption: “Man, i would love to see New Zealand. #sheep.” All those seemingly referring to the impression that Vice Ganda has a large, loyal but rabid (zombie/sheep) following.

Oblivious to his trending on various social media outlets in a negative way, he said he is “ultrablessed.” He posted, “Chinese food, coke, walking dead. #Ultrablessed” hours ago. Incidentally, he guested on the “Ihaw Na” segment of Banana Nite on ABS-CBN aired February 21. He sang a song for fiancee Karylle and revealed how he proposed to Karylle: “Normal proposal lang. Special yung meaning..,” Yael Yuzon said. Karylle mentioned that she and Yael Yuzon will just issue an official statement in reaction to the recent pronouncements of Vice Ganda. Photo credits: Twitter.