WW.Girls of Willing Willie

October 10, 2010
Willie Revillame and the WW.Girls

Willie Revillame and the WW.Girls

Willing Willie by Willie Revillame is coming soon and with it comes a new girl group called “WW.Girls.” ww.girls stands actually for Willing Willie Girls. ww.girls is pronounced as “ww dot girls.” Some of the members of ww.girls are, the famous Wowowee’s “Congrats” (Aprilyn Gustillo), Aiko Climaco, Yvette Coral, Kristel Espirity, Monique Natada, Samantha Whitmire, Lovely Abella, Janna Trajano, Tezza Santos, and Wsmeah Aldosari. They are ten of the original ASF dancers with the addition of ten new members. The WW.Girls will be the dancers of the upcoming show Willing Willie. Anna Feliciano (ASF) will still be ww.girls manager and choreographer. They will serve as back-up dancers for Willie Revillame TV5 show, Willing Willie, which will premiere on Oct.23. Not all the members of ASF Dancers joined TV5, so the original 10 dancers along with the 10 new members have been formed as, WW.Girls.