Willie Revillame super Rica Peralejo

March 21, 2008

Willie Revillame is super Rica Peralejo nowadays na daw.. Rica Peralejo as in super rich, dahlings, although i will not be surprised if he also does Rica Peralejo ( to the tune of the new Bb. Pilipinas-International saying, let’s do Mother Teresa! hahaha, Oh My, Holy Week pala, lol). Willie had just bought a brandnew house in Corinthian Gardens for 24.5 million in cold cash. Reportedly, he also owns properties in Serendra and Fairview.

He also just bought a 4,000 sq. m. house and lot in Tagaytay Highlands. And not to be contented, he is buying soon a vacation home in Punta Fuego where he plans to moor his yacht. Yes, Willie Revillame also owns a yacht.Sosyal di ba!

That’s not the only property that Willie Revillame owned, he gave away his Ayala Hills house to former wife Liz Almoro as part of the settlement.

Willie Revillame also owns several luxury cars, in fact, he admitted to having it as a hobby to collect luxury cars and recently he figured in a case when he was spotted driving a hot vehicle.

In all of this, bestfriend John Estrada said that Willie Revillame is the richest tv host now.