The Big Four

June 22, 2007

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Who is your Big Four in PBB Season 2?

A lot has been said and observed about the housemates, with controversies on and off cam abound. Who among the remaining housemates will you vote to stay and be part of the Big Four? Will it be:

Ronel Rapiz or “Nel”, the closeta na obvious?( whatever), who said “Naiiritate po ang Ass ko!

GeeAnn Abrahan, plastic or not? who said Kung pera lang habol ko, eh di sana sumali na lang ako sa Wowowee.

Wendy Valdez, emotionally temperamental or just true to herself?

Bruce Quebral, did his BB house experience revolved only around Wendy?

Bodie Cruz, banking on his looks or his showbiz roots?

Mickey Perz, is he the Godfather or the Boss, or what?


Beatriz Saw, the affectionate, non-confrontational, pa-tweetums girl from Bicol with Taiwanese roots or is it just a facade?