Whatever Happened To Baron Geisler and Bojo Molina?

April 16, 2007
Baron Geisler and Tyrone Perez

Baron Geisler and Tyrone Perez

For those wondering whatever happened to former (?) hottie Baron Geisler and Bojo Molina? Some info…

I just heard from the rumor mills that Baron Geisler delved into the gay lifestyle and had a gay relationship but went again to the other side, the straight path, meaning he experimented (?!)…

He was also last rumored to have strip-danced in a bar. Nakita raw na lasing na lasing sa isang bar si Baron na nagsayaw at naghubad na hindi matukoy kung lango ba sa alak o sa drugs.

While Bojo Molina is in Guam daw and is happily married to Jen Kwe with kids. Bojo daw is working as an Administrative Aide of the Guam government, Manager of a theater complex, while his wife works as a teacher. Life!

Gimik cast reunion

Gimik cast reunion. Bojo Molina, standing third from right.