Wally Bayola Removed from Eat Bulaga?

September 5, 2013

Wally Bayola and Family

Wally Bayola and Family

Wally Bayola has not appeared on the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” since the day before his sex video scandal went viral or on September 2 exactly. Wally Bayola may have had an inkling and have known that his video scandal will leak the next day. Eat Bulaga insiders say that EB Babe Yosh herself leaked the video online after a failed attempt to keep Wally by her side.

Some other info say that Wally Bayola left his smartphone in Eat Bulaga’s dressing room and someone copied the videos contained in the mobile phone. News even say that there were several other video scandals in the smartphone aside from with EB Babe Yosh.

Still others say that Wally had his laptop repaired and the repair technician copied the videos while doing so.

With the continuous absence of Wally Bayola in Eat Bulaga a lot of people are speculating that Wally has been axed from Eat Bulaga but we doubt it since his manager is Ms. Malou-Choa-Fagar, an executive of Tape, Inc. the producer/owner of Eat Bulaga. Plus, what will happen to the other half of his comedic tandem with Jose Manalo?! Photo credits: Wally’s FB.