Vina Morales Pregnant

September 24, 2008
Vina Morales

Vina Morales

UPDATE: Vina Morales confirms her pregnancy and said: “I am very happy to share that I will be a mother soon. I never intended to hide my condition.”

Vina Morales is two months pregnant and the father is her non-showbiz boyfriend Cedric Lee. Cedric Lee, however is still married to Judy Lee, despite years of legal separation. Since Cedric Lee has an annulment case from his wife Judy Lee that is ongoing, Vina Morales and Cedric Lee cannot be sued for concubinage.

Cedric Lee has two kids with Judy, ages 12 and 9. Vina Morales is scheduled to give an interview on the â€Ã…“The Buzz” on Sunday.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Speculations are ripe that Vina Morales is pregnant. The Vina Morales pregnant rumor all started when Star Magic scheduled a solo presscon for Vina on September 15, but was hastefully cancelled. The presscon is suppose to be to welcome Vina Morales to the Star Magic stable.

Star Magic could not comment on the pregnant rumors saying only that Vina Morales definitely knows what she’s doing because she is after all is 32 years old. Star Magic could not confirm nor deny the issue and could also speculate that if the rumors are true, nanghihinayang sila because Vina has just started with them and already gets several inquiries for possible projects.

Vina’s father meanwhile who called to cancel the presscon said that Vina is in Japan right now for a previously agreed commitment. Gossip mongers meanwhile are speculating that Vina could not come out to tell all about her pregnancy because she is in a bind. According to reports, the alleged father of Vina’s child is Vina’s non-showbiz boyfriend for two years.

Still according to reports, the non-showbiz boyfriend, who is Chinese-Filipino, is still legally married to another Chinese Filipino who is much richer than the boyfriend and owns a cosmetic surgery clinic in Makati. This is daw the reason that keeps Vina Morales from going public with her pregnancy. Vina Morales’ camp is welcome here to explain her side of the story.

Vina Morales in ABS-CBN Station ID plug

Vina Morales in ABS-CBN Station ID plug