Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu Movie “The Healing”

July 16, 2012

Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu

Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu

Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu Movie “The Healing” opens in theaters nationwide on July 25. The Healing is not just another Vilma Santos movie, it is to mark Vilma’s 50 years in Philippine Showbiz. The Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos is not that old though, she started in showbiz as a child actress in the title role of the 1963 film Trudis Liit when she was just nine years old. Vilma Santos is now 58 years old and is the Governor of the Province of Batangas. And as such, Vilma Santos rarely makes films now and The Healing is an opportunity where you can see her again act in a movie. Vilma Santos personally picked Primetime Princess Kim Chiu to star alongside her for The Healing because she finds the young actress has a lot of promise in the Philippine showbiz industry. The Healing also stars Janice De Belen and Pokwang.
Kim Chiu peekaboo

Kim Chiu The Healing presscon

The Healing is a horror-suspense film and its plot revolves around a curse that plagued a town. Vilma plays Seth, who believes that she has witnessed a miracle when her stroke-stricken father is healed by a faith healer. Kim Chiu plays as the daughter of Vilma’s husband who is also cured of a life-threatening illness by the faith healer but whose healing is believed to have carried a curse on the town. Watch the official uncut trailer below: