Vice Ganda jabs Deniece Cornejo

February 2, 2014

Deniece Cornejo fierce

Deniece Cornejo

Vice Ganda took a jab at Deniece Cornejo on It’s Showtime, Saturday. Vice Ganda mentioned “Deniece” while he interviewed “That’s My Tomboy” grand finalist Phao Faraon during the segment’s question-and-answer portion. Vice Ganda categorized the question as a “current events.” Vice Ganda asked:

“Sa palagay mo, kung iimbitahan ka, pupunta ka ba sa condo ni Deniece?” Vice Ganda quipped, triggering laughs from the audience.

“Laurel! Laurel!” Vice Ganda quickly added, referring to “Denise Laurel,” as co-hosts and judges also kept laughing.

“Hindi pa tapos, madlang people! Kayo naman!” said co-host Billy Crawford.

Vice Ganda then proceeded to ask his question to Phao Faraon: “Kung iimbitahan ka, pupunta ka ba sa condo ni Denise Laurel para manood ng ‘Annaliza’ at ano ang dadalhin mong foods?”

Still laughing, Phao Faraon answered, “Finger foods.” Phao Faraon went on to finish as a runner-up. Vhong Navarro is a co-host of Vice Ganda in It’s Showtime. Photo credits: Jhong Dizon.