Vice Ganda Affidavit confirm that Vhong Navarro is in his Cavite Concert

February 22, 2014

Billy, Vhong and Vice Ganda

Billy, Vhong and Vice

Vice Ganda personally confirmed that Vhong Navarro is in his Island Cove, Kawit, Cavite concert on the night of the alleged rape of Roxanne Cabanero. Vice Ganda not only confirmed the story but he is willing to testify about the incident and he will be executing a duly-sworned affidavit attesting to such. Bongga di ba?! Involved na rin si Vice legally-speaking, di na lang thru jokes. Humanda si Roxanne, LOL. All those info are from Mr. Tony Calvento, read on:
Vice Ganda Island Cove concert

Vice Ganda Island Cove concert poster evidence

I had a chance to talk to Vice Ganda and he looked at the poster and the video and he confirmed that indeed there was a concert on that night which started around 9:00pm and since Vhong was his finale performer he arrived shortly before 10:00pm.

Vice Ganda and the rest are willing to testify in Vhong’s defense that he was there. They will execute and affidavit attesting to this.

The complainant in the rape case Roxanne Acosta Cabanero claimed in her Complaint-Affidavit that she was raped that night. How can Vhong be at two places at the same time, same date.

While I write this breaking news Boy Abunda and the crew of Buzz ng Bayan is now at Island Cove interviewing some people and confirming the concert.

Vhong’s lawyer is carefully studying filing a case of PERJURY against Cabanero with damages. First it was a Minute rape with Deniece and now it’s ONE person in two places rape case.

Thank you to all of you. May I now request that you guys screen shot that poster and perhaps save the you tube video posted where Vice, Vhong and the rest was seen in the finale of that concert. Mabuhay kayong lahat.

In the name of truth and justice to God be the glory.

Here is Vice Ganda’s sworned and subscribed to affidavit, and showing that he is a true friend to Vhong Navarro:

Vice Ganda Affidavit 1

Vice Ganda Affidavit page 1

Vice Ganda Affidavit 1

Vice Ganda Affidavit page 2

Vice Ganda Affidavit 3

Vice Ganda Affidavit page 3

Vice Ganda Affidavit 4

Vice Ganda Affidavit page 4