Vhong to convince John Lloyd and Jake to come out

February 2, 2014
Vhong Navarro, John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca

Vhong Navarro, Luis Manzano, John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca

Vhong Navarro will try to convince John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca to come out against Cedric Lee. This is what Vhong Navarro himself will do when he comes out of the hospital, according to People’s Tonight columnist Tony Calvento. Vhong Navarro personally called Tony Calvento to thank him for his support of his cause to bring Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Zimmer Raz et al to justice. This means that Vhong Navarro is convinced that John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca have been waylaid by Cedric Lee et al in the past, despite the denial of Jake Cuenca. Here is what Mr. Calvento wrote in his FB page:

Vhong Navarro called me up to thank me personally for the help and support I have been extending. He was still emotional and I promised him that I’ll see this one through. He sees your posts on the fb account and would like to thank everyone of you for his support. Sabi ko di sila bibitiw sa ‘yo.

They have already taken the tube off his nose but still under observation if there will be bleeding. He complains about the pain on his right side, just a little above his stomach. He use to have an operation there. He said that when he gets out of the hospital and try to convince John Lloyd and Jake to come out but he cannot blame them if they are afraid to speak out.

He promised to visit me personally once he is alright.

In another vein the DOJ Secretary Leila Delima has formed a panel of prosecutor’s, (three ladies) Olivia Torrevillas, Elvira Herrera and Hazel Valdez to conduct the Preliminary Investigation on the case filed by Vhong Navarro at the Department of Justice. The reason for assigning 3 prosecutors is to expedite the proceedings for an early resolution.

Photo credits: ABS-CBN PR.