Tom Rodriguez Leaked Voice Message to Carla Abellana

August 5, 2014

Tom Rodriguez Carla Abellana

Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana was quoted in an interview by Mr. Lhar Santiago aired on 24 Oras’ Chika Minute saying that Tom Rodriguez has made poems and songs for her. Carla Abellana said she is “kinikilig” with them: “Nobody, not an ordinary person would just write poems and songs for anybody, di ba, that person as to be inspired. Kasi wala nang gumagawa niyan eh…the fact na somebody still resorts to writing for you makes you feel special siyempre.” Here’s one of the poem:

Carla Abellana then said Tom Rodriguez has not yet told her that he loves her. She even said that when that day comes, she will be ready for it but that she cannot give him time as she is busy in her work. “Of course I’ll be ready for the day but then what else will i’ll be ready for? time, number one, wala akong maibibigay sa kanya outside work, wala akong time at all,” Carla said.

But what’s this alleged voice message that is supposed to be Tom Rodriguez expressing his love for Carla Abellana? The, someone who sounds very much like Tom Rodriguez, voice mail, allegedly made in June, made several “I love you’s” and “baby” in the tape. Listen to that voice mail below: