Swimsuit Pa More: Coleen Garcia

January 4, 2015

Coleen Garcia bikini

Coleen Garcia

Coleen Garcia before leaving the Maldives for the Philippines, once again posted another sexy swimsuit photo in her official IG account. Coleen Garcia made a splash when several media outlets published her swimsuit photos from her Maldives holiday with boyfriend Billy Crawford.

Meanwhile, Coleen Garcia shared her thoughts on what she learned on her Maldives vacation:

“This trip is exactly what I needed.. It’s good to get away from chaos every once in a while, at least just to be able to refresh and recharge your mind in peace. I got to reflect on so many things, and I also realized how blessed I am and how amazing my life can be if I choose to focus on the good things. God has blessed us all with much more than what we actually need; it only depends on what we do with all of it. Today I’ve decided to center my life on the things that really matter to me. I’ve realized that I have absolutely no time for negative emotions because I choose to focus on what makes me happy and on what makes me better. I choose to continue growing and learning. And appreciating. Fill yourself with gratitude, and there won’t be room for anything else that isn’t needed.”