Survivor Philippines Season 4 Celebs

November 14, 2011
Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown

Survivor Philippines Season 4, or Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown or more appropriately, Survivor Philippines: Palawan, was off to a good start. It premiered tonight on GMA-7 and I guess it got a good rating given that #SurvivorPhilippines4 was trending on Twitter.

The 20 castaways were divided into 2 Groups: Bulan (Dyosa ng Buwan) and Tala (Dyosa ng mga Bituin)
Bulan tribe members: Arnold, John, KC, Geneva, Mabel, Mara, Gino, Steff, Allysa and Aifha.
Tala tribe members: Isabel, Chuckie, Arthur, Carlo, Ellen, Filo, Jackie, Angelicopter, Betong and Maey.

The 20 castaways was inside a water cage and they have to make a way how to get outside by untying the ropes up to 20 feet below the seawater. Geneva was able to open the cage’s door. Then they have to swim to the shore but they have to chose what to bring along, whether necessary things for their sustenance on the island or the immunity bracelets.

First to reach the island are Steff and Gino,next was KC and Geneva and then Arnold and John. Gino and Steff managed to drop to the ground from a tree the immunity bracelet but the pair was unable to locate it when it dropped to the ground when all along it was just near Gino’s feet. Isabel Granada was able to spot it and she picked it up. The first pair to get the immunity bracelet are the members of the Philippine Volcanoes Arnold and John.

In the Bulan Camp, the castaways were able to get food like puso ng saging, sugarcane and talangka. KC was also able to make fire for the tribe and started making alliances with Arnold and John. While partner Geneva feels out of place with the other girl castaways.

In the Tala Camp, they had a hard time making fire, while Betong and Maey made an observation that they feel like they are not really on Survivor Philippines because the rest of the castaways are constantly speaking in English.

Who are you rooting in this exciting edition of Survivor Philippines?

Bulan tribe?


Tala tribe?