Super Sireyna Winner Francine Garcia Dethroned

July 29, 2013

Update: Francine Garcia denied that she was dethroned. Tape, Inc. denied making any statement and refused to make any statement because they said they did not dethrone her.

The Kim Chiu of Super Sireyna 2013, “SUPER SIREYNA 2013 QUEEN OF QUEENS” Winner Francine Garcia has been dethroned. After being crowned last Saturday at Resorts World Manila at that, he/she was dethroned by the Eat Bulaga Management and Tape Inc. She is stripped of her title because of her photos went viral just a few hours after she was crowned. Eat Bulaga will now crown the candidate who placed second and it will be held next week on Eat Bulaga!

Here is the official statement of Eat Bulaga and Tape Inc. regarding Francine Garcia’s dethronement:

“Eat Bulaga and Tape Inc. is bound by the rules to maintain the integrity and credibility of the pageant “Super Sireyna”.

“Super Sireyna” was created to uplift the image of the LGBT Community in the Philippines particularly the Transgenders/Transsexuals sector. To empower them. To create an impression that is acceptable to the society. To become a good role model not only to the LGBT community but to everyone in general.

We regret to inform everyone that our Public Relations Office received numerous complaints about Ms. Garcia’s wrongful doings both in the past and present time. These complaints were solidified with evidences such as photos and videos. However, no further details will provided to the public as a sign of respect to Ms Garcia.

After a thorough deliberation, the management made a heartbreaking decision to dethrone Ms. Garcia. A true Super Sireyna should possess qualities of a true queen. Classy and decent. She should set a good example to everyone.

We admire Ms. Garcia for her courageous act in admitting the circumstances surrounding the scandal, but we also have to render fair judgment on the grounds of MISCONDUCT by stripping her of the title.

This decision is rendered with finality and the Eat Bulaga Management and Tape Inc. stands by it.”

Francine Garcia has also entered showbiz and already has an indie movie, the Cinemalaya entry, Quick Change, about a tranny who fell in love with another tranny.