SMART iPhone 5 Wipeout Promo

March 21, 2013
Smart Wipeout

Smart Wipeout

If you still want an iPhone 5 despite the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10, you’re in luck if you are an existing SMART postpaid subscriber. Smart offers the “iPhone 5 Wipeout Promo” which gives discounts to its postpaid subscribers if they want to pre-terminate their existing plan to avail of the iPhone 5. No need for your contract to end, you can avail of the discount and pay the difference. The catch are, the iPhone 5 may be priced too high and you are locked for 24/30 months again. If you are still reading this after hearing that, the discount promo is depending on the number of months remaining on your lock-in period. Here are the discounts:

For 1-7 months remaining lock-in – up to a 75% discount
For 8-13 months remaining lock-in – up to a 50% discount
For 14-19 months remaining lock-in – up to a 25% discount

Text WIPEOUT to 2928 to find out if you are qualified for this promo, and how much is your discounted pre-termination fee. In a related note, Globe had a similar promo called Globe Reset when they introduced the iPhone 5 but has been discontinued.