Showtime Suspended Due To Rosanna Roces

January 11, 2010



The hit noontime pre-programming show, Showtime, has been suspended by the MTRCB for 20 days. Showtime has been suspended by the Movie and Television Classification Review Board (MTRCB) because of the guesting of Rosanna Roces. In that episode, Rosanna Roces insulted teachers. The MTRCB deemed it derogatory to teachers and the teaching profession, meriting the suspension of the show. The particular incident happened when Rosanna Roces asked a contestant from Calamba, Laguna about Jose Rizal’s middle name: Protacio. Why he has the middle name Protacio while his mother, Dona Teodora is an Alonso? The contestant was not able to answer. Rosanna Roces, not satisfied with the contestant’s answer turned her ire on the teacher stating “Murahin mo teacher mo ha!” (Curse your teacher!).

Rosanna Roces then also added that teachers daw are mere repeaters and do not teach their students well, watch the particular Showtime incident below.