Sheree in Scorpio Nights 3

January 4, 2007


Sheree of the Viva Hot Babes is set to star in Scorpio Nights 3.

Born Cherry Hazel Agustin, Sheree, 25, from Cagayan de Oro City and a International Studies graduate of Ateneo de Cagayan. Sheree is a professional singer before she joined the Viva Hot Babes in 2002. Their family migrated to the US (Virginia) in 2000 and she joined an American band called “Lost Trailers.”

Watch Sheree below, do a Latin dance in Shall We Dance:

The first Scorpio Nights was a highly controversial movie, and a critical acclaim starring Ana Marie Gutierrez and Daniel Fernando and directed by Peque Gallaga, released in 1985. Even a South Korean movie adapted its story and characters.

The second Scorpio Nights starred Joyce Jimenez and Albert Martinez, directed by Erik Matti.