Sharon Cuneta Threaten to Out Piolo Pascual

November 3, 2012
Sharon Cuneta TV5 show

Sharon Cuneta TV5 show

Sharon Cuneta threatens to out Piolo Pascual once again? It all started when Sharon Cuneta got a nasty tweet from a Twitter user parodying Angel Locsin (@AngeL_LocKring). Sharon Cuneta then made a series of tweets including this one:

@jemkadoodles supeeeeeeeeeer bait kaming lahat!!!!! Pero punong-punong puno na ako!!!!! Akala nila basta lang namin papalampasin to? Matapos ko payagan na i-edit ang interview ni KC sa the buzz noon?!!! Abuso naman pala mga bastos sila eh! Sorry pasensyahan na lang. At pag nagsalita kami, PIOLO, DAHIL SA FANS MO!!!!!!

Rumors before were that KC’s The Buzz interview was edited, leaving out one important and juicy detail about Piolo Pascual.

Sharon Cuneta revealed something about KC Concepcion having something in her mobile phone as evidence of Piolo Pascual’s big secret.

ito naman si KC nagpipigil pa eh! Pakita mo na phone mo kaya anak? Nang matapos na. Sila, hindi tayo.

And then this! kaloka!


Sharon Becky tweet

Sharon Cuneta apologized though to her Twitter followers awhile ago saying among others that she will from now on choose her battles and will let things slide if coming from insignificant bashers and trolls. She however reiterated that she will defend and lay her life for daughter KC Concepcion. But while doing so, Sharon Cuneta could not help at hinting something, saying that it is just easy to blurt out what really happened between KC and Piolo.

I don’t think I will ever get used to people saying bad things to & about me& any member of my family… And in the end, what will matter to me is that my children will know that when no one who was supposed to be protecting them did so, their Mama risked irking the ire of even her most ardent supporters, in order to fight for them & our name… I will always protect KC… and though it is tempting to just blurt out what really happened that caused her the most pain in her relatively short life & caused her to cry probably a swimming pool of tears, because of her wishes that we try our best to keep our silence, I will leave them alone as long as they leave us alone.