Sharon Cuneta for Marie France Bodyline

January 15, 2011
“Sharon Cuneta sexy”

Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta Marie France Bodyline billboard

Sharon Cuneta Marie France Bodyline billboard

The Megastar Sharon Cuneta will be launched as the star endorser of slimming salon Marie France this Jan 19, 2011. Will Sharon Cuneta finally win the battle of the bulge? The Megastar Sharon Cuneta has been battling obesity for decades to no success. Despite her financial success, Sharon does not subscribe to losing weight by cosmetic surgery, so liposuction, the most effective and convenient for stars to lose weight is out of the question for the Megastar. Sharon Cuneta has been courted by Belo and Calayan cosmetic surgery centers for years but she declined them all. What finally made Sharon Cuneta model for Marie France may have been in preparation for her hosting stint of the Philippine Edition of The Biggest Loser, which will soon air on ABS-CBN after her talent search, Star Power. Marie France Bodyline is dubbed as the World’s Slimming Professionals, an expert in the field of losing weight via non-surgical procedures.