Sharon Cuneta Disgusted with Kathryn Bernardo Mr. DJ Remake?

December 10, 2014

Kathryn Bernardo Sharon Cuneta

Kathryn Bernardo and Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta disgusted by Kathryn Bernardo‘s Mr. DJ remake? All clues led to them being the subjects of a blind item below:

One day at a gathering of showbiz stars, TC was reportedly asked by a movie scribe about her take on BS that was going to be revived by CA. TC was in her jovial mood and replied positively to the query, saying, “ Oh it’s fine, I think CA is talented enough to remake my BS. Can you play to me her sample so I can hear it?” To which the person obliged and played the tape/cd of CA singing BS.

When TC heard CA’s voice, she was allegedly so shocked and exclaimed in disgust, “What is that?! Sana tinula na lang nya! She ruined my legendary song!

The gathering of showbiz stars could be the gathering of Sampaguita/LVN stars, dubbed as “The Senior Prom party” organized by Mayor Joseph Estrada, last November 16. Makes sense because Kathryn Bernardo‘s Mr. DJ music video was released on Youtube on Nov 13, 2014.

The legendary song is “Mr. DJ” which was first popularized by Sharon Cuneta and as a result, it catapulted her to megastardom at a young age. Kathryn Bernardo’s recording of Mr. DJ though is allegedly especially dedicated to her on-screen love team, Daniel Padilla who is also known as “DJ.” As a point of comparison, here are Sharon Cuneta‘s original version and Kathryn Bernardo’s Mr. DJ remake:

BTW, Kathryn Bernardo could have read the blind item above because her most recent tweet is simply this: “Tsk tsk” and a thumbs down sign.