Shalani Soledad is Willing Willie Co-host

November 7, 2010
Shalani Soledad

Shalani Soledad

Shalani Soledad is the new Willing Willie Co-host of Willie Revillame. Shalani Soledad as TV host is set to debut on Willing Willie tomorrow. Shalani Soledad erswhile ex-First Girlfriend formally joins Philippine Showbiz via TV5’s “Willing Willie.” Shalani already rehearsed last Saturday for the show in TV5’s Studio A in Novaliches, Quezon City. Shalani used to co-host a morning program on UNTV. Shalani Soledad said the reason she accepted the Willing Willie hosting job is in the spirit of public service. Shalani will go on weekly on-location forays during which Shalani would knock on needy people’s doors bearing gifts, ala “Juan For All, All for Juan” of Eat Bulaga. Shalani is not to be expected to sing or dance on the show though. Shalani said that she will not be doing those, nor will she wear the usual skimpy clothing of girls in Willing Willie: “When you think ‘game show host,’ you see a bubbly person. That’s just not me. I have two left feet, and everyone else can sing better than me. I was also told I didn’t have to change my look and I could wear my usual clothes.”

Willie Revillame considered other celebrities for a co-host, “One had a contract with GMA 7; another one, Venus Raj, had a contract with Bb. Pilipinas. But this is all for the best. Shalani is it. The people will love her. She doesn’t even have to make them laugh. They will only want to look at her. I wanted to work with her the first time I saw her.” She reminded him of Diana, Princess of Wales, Willie said. Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad recently brokeup with President Noynoy Aquino after more than a year of going steady.