Sam Milby on being Gay: “I Know What I Am”

December 5, 2007

This blog’s top search query is the phrase Sam Milby Scandal in Google Search. Am i missing something that are going the rounds of mobile phones na?

Or is this the old news Piolo Pascual – Sam Milby gay talk? Meanwhile, this puzzles me, when Sam was asked pointblank if he was gay on several venues/occassions/tv interviews, his reply, “I know what I am. ” “I’m sure if they did know me, then they’ll know that I’m really not.”

Why can’t he just say “I’m not gay”…period. Dati din kasi, engraved on my memory (lol), in the Luau party for Sam Milby’s entry into the the very first edition of Pinoy Big Brother, he was taken advantage of, some say molested, by Chx Alcala.

Afterthought: No offense to Sam Milby fans, remember in showbiz, esp. Philippine showbiz, good or bad publicity is still short, nakakatulong sa isang artista ang pagusapan sya sa Philippine showbiz. Sabi nga, mas matakot pag wala ng chismis ibig sabihin, not a hot copy anymore, people are not interested anymore.