Ryan Rems Caught Doing What

August 14, 2015

Ryan Rems Sarita

Ryan Rems

What is Ryan Rems doing in this photo? Is he doing what almost everyone are expecting him to be doing all along? Ryan Rems is the grand winner of It’s Showtime‘s comedian search, “Funny One.” He is also known for his offbeat, witty and non sequitur jokes reminiscent of foreign stand-up acts Mitch Hedberg and Steven Wright. His critics though says that his comic delivery is glorifying drug-use.

Ryan Rems Sarita’s trademark is the delivery of the phrase, “Woo! Rock and roll to the world!” Ryan Rems admitted in one interview that he partly-borrowed the phrase “Rock ‘n roll” from legendary Pinoy rocker Pepe Smith who utters the words “rock ‘n roll” after a performance or interview.