Rosanna Roces Engaged To A Lawyer

October 28, 2009
Rosanna Roces

Rosanna Roces

Rosanna Roces, more popularly known for her moniker “Osang” is engaged to be married to a lawyer from Malolos, Bulacan. The lawyer boyfriend of Rosanna Roces is a certain Atty. R.B. and is 40 years of age. The couple are planning to get married when the petition for the declaration of nullity of marriage is finally given to Osang. Rosanna Roces is previously married to Tito Molina. “It’s null and void. It’s a bigamous marriage. Kasal siya sa iba,” says Osang about her ex-husband Tito Molina. Osang speculates that the petition wll be granted before her birthday on May 2010.

Rosanna Roces revealed that they have been a couple since July 15, 2008. What attracted Osang most to the lawyer is that as Osang said the lawyer is, “Tall, dark and handsome. And he loves his mother so much. Yun kasi ang basehan ko sa pagpili. Pag mahal na mahal niya ang ina niya, mamahalin din ako ng todo at maiintindihan niya ang pagiging nanay ko.” Rosanna Roces is back with an indie movie from Cinema One Originals called “Wanted: Boarder”.