Ronald is the Little Big Superstar

May 15, 2007

It’s the Super Battle: The Final Step to Stardom, and the odds are
more bigger, as the Super Three duke it out for the title of, “Little Big Superstar”! Last Saturday, Ronald, Trina and Joshua engaged in a heated competition with Ronald ending up in the top spot with 91.4% , Joshua with 90% and Trina with 89.1%! 50 percent of their scores from last week will be added to the score that they will garner in the Super Battle. There are two rounds in this week’s Super Battle: the Fast Song and the Slow Song challenge!

The stage gets heated up as Joshua goes first in the Fast Song
challenge, while Batangas’ junior balladeer Ronald goes next, with
Golden voice Trina caps it off with an adrenaline-pumping performance! Before the Slow Song challenge commences, the next Lucky Me star is announced, and Joshua bags the 100,000-peso special cash prize, as well as a contract to the next Lucky Me commercial!

The Slow Song Challenge is up, and once again, D’Beat Boy Joshua
takes the stage first. Mr. Heartsong Ronald goes next with a heart-
wrenching ballad, with Trina crooning the last tune for the said
challenge! Before the scores are released, the kids belt out a song
offering to their moms for Mother’s Day, touching both kids and moms

However, we must know the winner, and Sarah prepares to announce the
third honor, who turns out to be Trina! Soon, Joshua and Ronald are
the only ones left onstage, but we are not left in the dark for long, as the second honor is announced: Joshua! Ronald is this season’s Little Big Superstar!

To each of the three kids, we congratulate you all for a job well done, while we give Mr. Heartsong Ronald a pat on the back for being the Little Big Superstar!