Raymart Santiago submit evidence of Claudine Barretto Drug Addiction

September 24, 2013

Raymart crying after revelations against Claudine.

Raymart Santiago accused Claudine Barretto of drug use and to prove it, he submitted evidences including Claudine allegedly testing positive for drug use, to the Marikina Regional Trial Court hearing their case of permanent protection order and Violence against women and children. Raymart cried to reporters after betraying Claudine.

Raymart Santiago also claimed that he is a battered husband, submitting photographs of him in a blue tattered shirt supposedly torn and ripped apart by Claudine in one of her violent outburts.

Raymart Santiago beaten by Claudine

Raymart Santiago beaten by Claudine allegedly

In the evidences submitted to the court, sworn statements by Claudine’s estranged siblings Gretchen Barretto, Marjorie Barretto and JJ Barretto were made saying that Claudine need professional help because she is mentally ill. When Raymart was asked about his failed marriage to Claudine, he said: “Ang pangit lang ng nangyari.” Photo credits: mjmarfori IG and TV Patrol screenies.
Claudine Barretto addict according to Raymart

Claudine Barretto addict daw