Poor Sam Concepcion

September 20, 2014

Jasmine Curtis Sam Concepcion

Jasmine Curtis and Sam Concepcion

Sam Concepcion fans are also reacting to the latest controversy allegedly involving Daniel Padilla‘s leaked audio. A fan caught my eye with this comment: “Parang lagi nlng minamata si sam c. dati kay anne ngaun nmn kay daniel. Poor boy.” Sad indeed if true because Sam Concepcion seems to be a very nice guy. If I can remember it right, it is not just the two issues above that Sam Concepcion is being looked down at, it all started from when he won Little Big Star, when Charice gained international fame, people saw this as an inopportune time to belittle his talent.

Sam Concepcion, an ambassador for the charity organization, World Vision Org. seems to be taking everything in stride. Sam Concepcion and real-life girlfriend Jasmine Curtis are taking their romance on screen for the first time via their first project together,“My Tag Boyfriend,” based on a popular Wattpad series. “My Tag Boyfriend” will be shown daily for a week on TV5 starting Monday, September 22.

Sam Concepcion

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