Polo Ravales versus PBA Player

January 29, 2014

Polo Ravales girlfriend

Polo Ravales and non-showbiz girlfriend

Polo Ravales (real name: Paul Gruenberg) posted today a threatening dare at an unnamed Philippine Basketball Association PBA player for courting his non-showbiz girlfriend even if she was with him. Polo Ravales aka Paul Gruenberg posted an angry message in his Facebook page this: “Nakita mo ng kasama ako ng gf ko didigahan mo pa..wala aki pakialam kung ano height mo o player ka pa ng pba..sa basketvall ka lang magaling tsonggo!!!” (Haven’t you seen I am with my girlfriend.. and yet you still courted her. I don’t care if you are tall or you’re a PBA player.. you’re only good in basketball monkey!)

Sinong PBA player ang kaaway ng actor na si Polo Ravales? Photo credits: Mell T. Navarro.