Polo Ravales and Riza Santos photos?

January 29, 2008

The following photos of Polo Ravales and his friends was sent to me via email. Two of the photos has a girl who resembles Riza Santos. I am not sure though if it is Riza Santos as the girl is thinner and has chinita features. There other girls in the photos who could be from showbiz, i could not tell.

In the Pinoy Big Brother house, it was revealed that Riza Santos was an item with Polo Ravales. Riza Santos said she is friends with Polo’s sister Ashley Gruenberg, that’s why showbiz kibitzers may have seen the connection. Then things change after (or even while it is still on) Pinoy Big Brother, Riza Santos is obviously smitten of Will Devaughn.

Meanwhile, Polo Ravales’ career continue to blossom over at GMA 7, he replaced Patrick Garcia in Maging Akin Ka Lamang and is paired with Nadine Samonte.

Polo figured in last week’s hot Philippines showbiz issue, that of the Mark Herras and EB Babes Lian Paz split up. The cause daw of the break up is Polo Ravales, EB Babes Lian Paz said to be going out with him, while Mark Herras is busy as well dating Nadin Howell, Rhian Ramos’ sister. Nadin and Rhian denies it. So does Polo.

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