Pokwang reminisces about being Poor

September 3, 2015

Pokwang underarms


Pokwang reminisces about their being poor as a child. Pokwang reposted on her Instagram page yesterday a photo of two kids watching television through their equally poor neighbor’s window.
Poor Pokwang

Pokwang Poor

The photo reminded Pokwang of her own experience when she and her sisters used to peek at their neighbor’s window just to watch their favorite show.

Pokwang said: “I still remember when I was a kid. Me and my sisters used to watch TV like this. And when my neighbor close their windows, no more TV for us so we will go home and imagine what was the end of the show that we are currently watching. Haha Now it is very different, I have my own TV inside my room. Thank you Lord! I feel so blessed! teka tapos kapag uwian na wala ang tsinelas ko may naghagis sa bubong hahahhahahahaha. Be thankful & Share your blessings!”