Pokwang Gimik Video

October 8, 2010


Pokwang and John Prats

Update: Apparently, this video was a viral marketing ploy by a mobile phone network! We’ve been tricked..
Maluluma ang Marian Rivera Nagtaray video (na may Part 2 pa!) dito kay Pokwang Nagtaray, Nagwala, Nagmura Video! Fresh na fresh showbiz intriga news! Watch the video and decide. Be quick since the video will definitely be deleted soon enough if the powers that be in a network finds out about this. The incident happened at a photoshoot. Pokwang shouted and cursed the staff and even throw a monoblock chair. Apparently, the star comedienne is serious about the matter and is not just joking for the camera. Update: Star Magic announced that it is aware of the Pokwang Flare up video and revealed that the Pokwang Nagtaray video was “for promo” of an advertising campaign for a telco.