Pokwang gets Bad Review for “A Mother’s Story”

January 14, 2012
 “A Mother’s Story”

“A Mother’s Story” poster

Pokwang gets a bad review for her first starring role in “A Mother’s Story.” Film critic Rito P. Asilo wrote in the Philippine Daily Inquirer a review of “A Mother’s Story” and he made a scathing critique of Pokwang‘s first dramatic acting role saying it is a “foiled bid for dramatic credibility.” Mr. Asilo further wrote that the biggest misstep of “A Mother’s Story” is the casting of Pokwang!: “The film’s biggest misstep is the casting of Pokwang—herself a former OFW. She satisfies the role’s Everywoman quality—but, apart from those perfunctory “woe-is-me” moments, she lacks the sensitivity, skill and insight to consistently limn her character from start to finish. Curiously, even her occasional comic zingers aren’t all that effective.” Kalurks. Ano naman kaya ang reaction ni Pokwang and the movie’s makers and produs TFC and Star Cinema about this?!! Anyway, watch the offical trailer of “A Mother’s Story” below (click on the photo):