Piolo Pascual Clothing and Piolo Pascual Perfume

August 7, 2008

This is probably the reason why Piolo Pascual was conspicously absent in the Bench Blackout Underwear and Denim Show, Piolo Pascual is to launch a Piolo Pascual Clothing line and a Piolo Pascual Perfume, as in a Piolo Pascual Parfums, lol. The project is its finishing touches, Piolo Pascual recently did a pictorial for his own clothing line and a perfume named after him. And the pictorial was also sexy eventhough Piolo Pascual was in jeans. He looked buffed and animalistic (Animalistic daw oh!). There was sensuality and raw appeal in the pictorial, can’t wait for the billboards to spruce up the highways of Metro Manila! Yes, spruce up, as in decorate, not just advertise, he’s a sight to behold anyway. It would be fun if Piolo Pascual would strip down to his undies though. Crossing my fingers…