Pinoy Pop Superstar World Challenge Nagkadayaan?

May 12, 2007

I got this email alleging that the Pinoy Pop Superstar World Challenge Finals Result was rigged:

Dear Friends,

I just want to bring this matter to all dahil may mga nagrereklamo about the result of GMA’s Pinoy Pop Superstar World Challenge Finals which was held last April 28, 2007.

The result was really surprising at halatang may lutuang naganap.

There were 4 finalists (Kervin – Saudi Arabia , Jae – USA, Anthea – USA and Nerissa – UAE)

After their performances, Ms. Regine Velasquez announced that one of the Judges gave Kervin 80%, Jae – 82%, Anthea – 85 and Nerissa – 88% (3 judges comprise the panel). The judges scores is 70% while the internet vote is 30%.

It was also flashed on the screen that Nerissa of UAE is leading in the internet vote by a slight margin (Nerissa is 34% while Jae is 33%).

Nerissa’s performance was the best among the 4. She did it well when she sang her own version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. Consequently, she received high scores.

However, the result was delayed and it took another commercial break to come up with the result.

Everybody is expecting that Nerissa of UAE will be the winner.

To everybody’s surprise, the score was not revealed by Ms. Regine (which she never failed to do when she annouced the winner) and Jae Buensuceso was declared as Grand Winner. Ms. Regine even uttered “Kakaibang excitement itong programa, natraffic ata yong sobre kaya wala pa”.

I am not a mathematician, but a judge who gave 88% to someone and to others an 82% is hard to believe that the later will defeat the first, especially if there are only 3 judges. For sure, the three judges have the same standards of judging so their scores will be similar to each other.

The worst information i got is that the winner, Jae Buensuceso, happened to be a pamangkin/relative of Ms. Wilma Galvante.

hope that GMA will clarify this matter.