Pinoy Big Brother 737 Live Streaming Shut Down

July 3, 2015



Pinoy Big Brother 737 Live Streaming to be shut down tonight because the people behind the show said the truth has been twisted by netizens who put malice into the so-called “bromance” of PBB 737 housemates Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey Thomas. Note that that the two also have fans who calls their team-up, “Kenley.”

Read the full statement issued by Kane Errol Choa, Corporate Communications head of ABS-CBN:

PBB 737 live streaming stopped

PBB 737 live streaming

The very essence of the Big Brother concept is the 24/7 monitoring of the housemates. The shutting down of the PBB 737 live stream is unprecedented in its history. It can be remembered that the MTRCB summoned the PBB executives, so this could be one of the concessions made. PBB livestreaming is free for all Sky Cable subscribers.