Philippine Society Girls

January 5, 2007

Philippines High Society Girls, “socialites” in conyo culture, are they the Paris Hilton of the Philippines or the goodie Catholic girl type?

You know, Paris Hilton is the party girl heiress. Let’s take a closer look at these Philippine socialites.

Claudia Bermudez, one of Manila’s most beautiful women, she studied in the International School (IS). Her Filipino grandparents then sent her to the American College of Switzerland for European Studies. and then to Sorbonne University in Paris. She belongs to the Lopez clan. She is running her own business and is involved in charity work.

Cat Juan, 24, writer, model and traveler, as she describes herself. She also has a blog here in Blogger called Calamansi, why calamansi? she says, “the name of our philippine lemon is easy to spell, hard to forget, and adds zing when you least expect it. kind of like my blog…

Danielle Cojuangco, equestrienne, artist and product design major at Stanford University. She is the image model of Philippine mid brand, Bayo. Danielle Cojuangco is said to be at odds with step-mom Gretchen Barretto.

Tessa Nieto, or Maria Teresa Infante Nieto from University of Asia and the Pacific, majored in development education. UAP is said to be the most expensive university in the Philippines.

Bianca Araneta, Model/MTV VJ, from the rich Araneta clan, already had a kid with boyfriend, Juan Elizalde.

Isabel Oteyga, need more info about her.