Philippine showbiz personalities with No X factor

February 6, 2008

Note: This post was written in 2008 pa, pero sadly most of those listed here still have no career to speak of.

Some of the Philippine showbiz personalities where a writer deems that the following have little or no star quality.

GMA Artist Center talentsMga artista na kulang sa X factor:

1. Ryza Cenon

2. Nadine Samonte

3. Bangs Garcia

4. Mike Tan

5. Rafael Rosell

5. Carla Humphries

6. Maggie Wilson

7. ang mga housemate ng PBB Season 2

8. LJ Reyes

9. Chynna Ortaleza

10. Glaiza de Castro

11. Jen Rosendahl

12. ang mga bagong talent ng Artist Center ng GMA 7 na ipinakilala sa publiko noong June 2007 ngunit wala pang nangyayari sa kanilang mga career.

13. ??

These are just opinions of the can add to the list on who you think has no or little X factor that fails to spark public interest and truly shine in the Philippine showbiz world.