Paolo Bediones Has Three Video Scandals

July 29, 2014

Paolo Bediones shades

Paolo Bediones cool about it

Life goes on for Paolo Bediones despite his Video Scandal. Unfortunately for him, there are gossip that the one that went viral is not just the end of it all. There are rumors that there are two more already circulating online. Seemingly unfazed by the buzz around him, Paolo Bediones appeared last night as news anchor of the TV5 and Aksyon TV newscast “Aksyon Tonite.”

Paolo Bediones also posted in his Instagram account: “Getting ready for Aksyon Tonite. I am truly blessed to have a family like mine. Solid friends around me and supporters who are there no matter what. Overwhelming love. Life goes on. On air in a bit.”

The two women three women who were dragged into the scandal, China Roces and Michaela Monteverde, (and now including Andrea Shin) already denied that they were the women in the videos.

Paolo Bediones

Paolo Bediones in Aksyon Tonite