Paolo Ballesteros Daughter Custody Battle

September 3, 2011
Paolo Ballesteros and Keira Claire

Paolo Ballesteros and daughter Keira Claire

Paolo Ballesteros daughter, Keira Claire, mom is ex-girlfriend Maria Katrina Nevada who now resides in the United States, is the subject of a custody dispute. Keira Claire was born on November 29, 2009 in the US. Keira Claire was then sent to the Philippines and stayed with Keira Claire grandma (Maria Katrina Nevada’s mother) who then lives in Quezon City. Paolo Ballesteros recently sought the help of the Department Of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), in Baguio City, where the child now resides with her grandma. Paolo Ballesteros alleges that he is not permitted now to see her daughter and sought the help of the DSWD to gain custody of his child. The joint team of the government, however, failed to accomplish what they sought out to do.

Paolo Ballesteros

Paolo Ballesteros