Oyo Boy Sotto calls Pauleen Luna Gold digger

January 8, 2012
Oyo Boy Sotto

Oyo Boy Sotto

Last December 4, Oyo Boy Sotto tweeted (Twitter account @VSotto12, Oyo Boy is Vittorio Sotto in real life): “Ang dami talagang mukang pera… ang daming lumalandi! Nakakalungkot (hindi sa akin) Haay nako….”, this on the heels of speculations that Pauleen Luna and Oyo Boy’s father, Vic Sotto is in a romantic relationship. Oyo Boy Sotto then repeatedly tweeted expounding about his earlier tweet, “Respeto lang” referring perhaps to the reported couple’s working relationship in Eat Bulaga. Pauleen Luna answered the insinuations of material gain from the relationship when she guested on Startalk. Right after her Startalk guesting, Oyo Boy Sotto tweeted: “Kung nasaktan ka, ikaw yun.”

Pauleen Luna

Pauleen Luna’s mom,  Mrs. Chat Luna issued in reaction a statement regarding the matter thru Startalk yesterday:

“There is no better time for our thoughts, as parents, on the Vic-Pauleen issue, be heard but now, for we wish our daughter nothing more but a peaceful and fulfilled 2012. We’re proud to have brought up Pauleen as a God-fearing child, and have full trust and confidence in whatever decision she makes. We have raised her and her brother as well-provided individuals encouraged to live their lives to the fullest. Since her start in this industry, she has but one goal, that is to enjoy what she loves the most, acting and hosting. What she earns from this profession comes secondary to her passion. That is why it pains her and us as well to hear that she is using someone else for financial gains. Just so everything is clear, Pauleen is not the breadwinner of the family.

We, her parents, are very much able to perform this role for our brood. Whatever she earns is placed in her own account, for her own disposal and has been accounted for since. Although she is not obligated in any way to share, we are very proud of her being a blessing for those in need. She is a very simple lady with simple wants and needs. She has been smart in ensuring that her future is secured through her investments. Investments such as the new house she is building from her savings, contrary to the speculations that it was a gift. We would like to extend our regrets to Mr. Vic Sotto for being dragged in this issue. We respect his show of interest with Pauleen and trust that whatever she decides regarding this matter will be for the best of everyone.”