Non-airing of Kissing Scene of TomDen in My Husband’s Lover

October 19, 2013

Non-airing of Kissing Scene of TomDen in My Husband’s Lover disappointed many. They were particularly miffed with GMA-7 Network’s surrender to whoever it was who opposed its airing. My Husband’s Lover aired its final episode October 18. It only showed the “almost kiss” but not the actual landing of the kiss.

Before the finale, the show’s main stars Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo‘s manager, Popoy Caritativo posted on his IG the stills from the shoot. He captioned it: “The Kiss.
This is the kiss that we all waited for. I am posting it now just to let all MHL fans know that yes, Vincent and Eric kissed.

And now that MHL is ending, please allow me to just gloat and take pride in my two boys TomDen for being very brave and professional in doing the scene.

Well, not just in doing the scene but in accepting the roles of Eric and Vincent which any actor with less talent and courage will not even consider doing.

I am proud of the fact that for four months, they lived and breathed Eric and Vincent. Their passion and love for their craft was evident in their performances. And it paid off. They gave you two REAL people who we all loved, hated at times, but nevertheless understood.

So, as we bid farewell to Eric and Vincent, I would just like to say thank you, Tom and Dennis for trusting me and for being very brave and fearless and for taking the risk.
I love TomDen!”