Nikki Gil Engaged to Boyfriend

February 6, 2015

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert

Nikki Gil and boyfriend BJ Albert

Nikki Gil and fiancee BJ Albert

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert

Nikki Gil is engaged to boyfriend BJ Albert. Nikki Gil is actually engaged to BJ Albert since December last year if you will base it on Nikki Gil wearing what appears to be an engagement ring since December 2014.
Nikki Gil engaged

Nikki Gil engagement ring

Nikki Gil is a Myx Music Channel Veejay and Nikki Gil was congratulated by the Myx Philippines Twitter page on her engagement:

“Congratulations VJ @nikkigil She sings her feelings and talks about love on #MYXStudioSessions tonight at 9pm! β€” MYX Philippines (@MYXphilippines) (posted on February 6, 2015)”

An interview with details of her engagement is set to air later on ABS-CBN’S The Buzz.

Nikki Gil, before her engagement, dated Billy Crawford for 5 years. They broke up in 2013. Their breakup is said to be because of Nikki Gil’s stand against premarital sex.

Nikki Gil Myx 2015

Nikki Gil Myx 2015 family