Nicole Anderson Outs Raymond Gutierrez

October 29, 2012

Nicole Anderson Raymond Gutierrez Twitter

Nicole Anderson Raymond Gutierrez gay Twitter exchange

Did Nicole Anderson just outed Raymond Gutierrez via Twitter?! Raymond Gutierrez gay speculations has always been a hot topic since he came back to Philippine Showbiz acting and talking more like sister Ruffa Gutierrez rather than hunk twin brother Richard Gutierrez. In her official Twitter account, young actress Nicole Anderson tweeted in answer to Raymond Gutierrez in which she called him “girl” the term of endearment of close girl-gay friends. Nicole Anderson’s slip of tongue then went on to be deleted and she justified and rationalized her use of “girl” to Raymond Gutierrez. Nicole said she used “girl” even to her close straight guy friends and even her male dog. Yeah right. LOL. Anyway, nothing wrong with being a gay person and the only reason the Raymond G gay issue keeps on persisting is because what people see is not in accordance with what is being said by parties involved.

In a hilarious turn of events, Raymond Gutierrez made a swipe at the general public for Nicole Anderson’s slip of tongue by saying: @nicoleandersson miss you, GIRL! Haha people can be so lame! See you soon!

Raymond G. may have overlooked a nasty reply, and right on his official Twitter wall, the reply says: @mondgutierrez e sa bakla ka nmn tlga..y cant u just be like viceganda,malay mo sumikat ka..#starlet4ever

Raymond Gutierrez girl reaction

Raymond Gutierrez girl reaction