Megan Young Filipino Detractor Identified

September 28, 2013

Megan Young‘s Filipino detractor has been identified in social networking sites. The Pinoy is now labeled as a classic example of crab mentality. He is believed to be the main culprit on a demolition job against Megan Young. He reportedly is the person who e-mailed the Miss World Organization about Megan Young’s topless pictorial with Rogue Magazine with the intention to either discredit or disqualify Megan Young from Miss World 2013 beauty pageant.

Sources say that Miss World Philippines national director Cory Quirino has been told personally by Miss World Organization chair Julia Morley that the said person has been constantly emailing them but she reportedly said “they don’t care!”

The alleged Pinoy talangka who ratted on Megan Young is an owner of a popular beauty pageant website and said person is as reported by a reader has somehow been known to be against any Miss Philippines in the past (and I guess the present!). He has usually regarded daw any Miss Philippines as “Mukhang Katulong”, “Ugly Duckling”, etc..

Despite all these, Megan Young continues to flourish in Miss World 2013 and has won several placements in Miss World fast-track events and is tipped by several popular beauty pageant sites like Missosology and Global Beauties to win the pageant.