Mark Gil Family’s Emotional Farewell

September 1, 2014

mark gil family qoute

Mark Gil family qoute

Mark Gil was diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago, but only found out that it was terminal this year, according to his family. They said that it had been Mark Gil’s request not to reveal his condition, that’s why the family denied that he was terminally ill in previous interviews. Mark Gil’s body has been cremated.

Mark Gil’s brother, actor Michael De Mesa read the family’s statement, with Mark Gil’s parents, siblings and children sitting together. Below is the family’s statement:

We, the Eigenmann Family, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everybody who has shown their concern for Ralph these past few weeks.

It is with much sorrow that we announce that he passed away this morning at exactly 8am. He died peacefully in his sleep in the arms of his wife, Maricar, and surrounded by family.

Ralph was first diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago, but it was only in June of this year that he found out that it was terminal. It was Ralph’s request that this should not be revealed, and we did not question his decision.

To those who have asked us about his condition, especially his colleagues, the press and fans, we apologize for not being forthright, but we also ask for understanding.

We would, however, like everyone to know that he spent his last days in comfort and in no pain. In fact, he was in good spirits and humor, and enjoying the presence of his entire family. Even then, he was still bringing us together, as he always has, and we are now all complete.

Until the very end, he was a warrior. Ralph faced death with courage and grace, while still bringing laughter to the room. That was his gift: the ability to make those around him better.

Ralph had told us that he only wanted to spend and cherish the remaining precious days of his life in the company of his family and closest friends. He also wished that we be allowed to grieve his passing in private.

We all request that the public please respect his wish and allow us to mourn his passing accordingly.

Please allow us this time as well to remember Ralph: husband, son, brother, father and grandfather.

For the outpouring of love for Ralph that we’ve received on his behalf, we thank you. It is deeply appreciated.

For those who’ve known and loved him throughout his career in cinema, and television, we will hold a celebration of his life and work. We will announce the details at a later time. But for now we would like to assure everyone that as long as Filipino films are being watched and appreciated, there will always be Mark Gil.

To quote a line from Batch ’81, one of the many movies he made his own, and characteristic of Ralph himself: “Sa simula’t katapusan ay kapatiran.”

His daughter Andi Eigenmann posted on her FB: “The ever supportive dad who stood up with her daughter on one of the biggest trials of her life, RIP Sir Mark Gil, a great and loving father, a man of honor, a brilliant actor of Philippine Showbiz, you will be missed.”

Andi Eigenmann and dad Mark Gil

Andi Eigenmann and Mark Gil

His son Gabby Eigenmann posted in his IG account: “…And so you held my hand in yours, just like you did when I was young . But then you held it to your heart just as you slowly slipped away. Today I said goodbye to you Dad. I said the last I love you that you would hear. Fly free with the Lord, fly free without pain. No worries, no problems, just love. Thank you for everything you have done for me and the family. Thank you for the legacy you have left behind. You will be forever in our hearts, till we meet again..”
Gabby Eigenmann and dad Mark Gil

Gabby Eigenmann and Mark Gil