Mark Gil has died

September 1, 2014

Mark Gil Eigenmann

Mark Gil

Veteran actor Mark Gil has died. Reports said that Mark Gil died of liver cirrhosis, which is a cancer of the liver. His family has yet to issue a statement on his death but prior to this, they denied that Mark Gil is terminally ill eventhough speculations were rife that he is not in the pink of health because he was very frail and thin. He passed away at 8 this morning. He was 52.

Mark Gil’s real name is Ralph John Eigenmann, and is the father of Gabby Eigenmann, Sid Lucero, and Andi Eigenmann. Mark Gil’s siblings are award-winning actors Michael de Mesa and Cherie Gil. Mark Gil is the son of veteran actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil.

Mark Gil rose to fame in the movie Batch 81 in 1981 and his last project was just this year in ABS-CBN’s The Legal Wife. A bit of trivia: Sid Lucero whose real name is Timmy Eigenmann, is culled from Mark Gil’s character in Batch 81.

Mark Gil children

Mark Gil and his children