Mark Bautista and Piolo Pascual Issue

November 29, 2011
Piolo Pascual and Mark Bautista

Piolo Pascual and Mark Bautista

Mark Bautista is being dragged in the Piolo-KC issue as per the blind-items are concerned proliferating on so many internet forums and tabloids. The issue about Mark Bautista and Piolo Pascual has been made since 2008 when the two with Sam Milby, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista staged a series of shows called Pop Icons. KC Concepcion in the The Buzz Tell All Interview, when asked if there was a third party, replied, she’d rather not comment on the issue. Mark Bautista in a 2009 interview with denied everything and said he is confident of his sexuality no matter what the tabloid writers innuendos say. He also said that he is thankful in a way that the rumors are just small talk compared to what rumormongers say behind Piolo Pascual. Mark Bautista in a Ricky Lo interview early this year said he and other trusted friends of Piolo Pascual actually knew about Piolo and KC’s relationship long before Piolo announced it on The Buzz that KC is ‘already taken’ and that Mark said he is happy for Piolo & KC. In 2007, Mark Bautista also in an interview, strongly insisted that he is straight after media reports said that in his provincial concert in the South, he hooked up with a politician believed to be bisexual. Mark Bautista said, “I’m not gay. The politician treated me well at nag je-jetski pa kami. He’s married and never po akong pumatol sa kapwa ko lalaki. Right now, I’m dating a pretty student in La Salle.” And to further douse the flames of rumors of him being gay, Mark Bautista played it coy by playing a gay role in 2007 on MMK. So there.